Alteryx 101 Training 

Jump start your analytics in Alteryx

Alteryx is an incredibly powerful tool for data preparation, blending and advanced analytics, but with so many functions at your fingertips, knowing where to start your learning can be a challenge.

Whether you’re a complete newcomer to Alteryx, or have some basic experience already, this day-long session will take you from Alteryx zero to Alteryx hero. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the tool through expert-led training that will get you up and running as a self-service Alteryx user.

Workshop Overview

We will focus on the ten (or so) most frequently used Alteryx tools, and provide training and exercises that will enable you to:

  • Connect to data from multiple sources, including flat files and databases.
  • Cleanse your data using powerful built-in tools.
  • Join, union and blend data from different sources.

  • Filter, select and sort your data to create the dataset you need.

  • Create custom calculations and formulae (no coding experience required).

  • Output your data to a range of formats, including data visualisation tools such as Tableau and Power BI.
  •  Understand the range of powerful predictive, spatial and advanced analytics tools and automation options for the next stages of your learning.

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