The Keyrus Specialist Services Plan allows our clients to not only deliver solutions to the highest standard, but also remain ahead of the technology curve by taking full advantage of Keyrus' years of certified strategic and advisory expertise.

For over 20 years Keyrus have been helping enterprises take advantage of the data and digital paradigm; enhancing their performance, assisting them with their transformation and generating new levers for growth and competitiveness. The Specialist Services Plan utilises the years of industry expertise that has long kept Keyrus at the market forefront.


Development Work

  • Building dashboards to establish trends in performance, consumer engagement and overall experience.
  • Increased comprehensive data-driven decisions.
  • Showcase benefits of integration.

Architecture / Strategy Review
Our service is designed to analyse and assist enterprises, so that they can continually adapt to major changes in their ecosystem, based on appropriate business models. 

This includes:
  • Analysing existing arrangements and identify internal drivers. 
  • Undertaking market studies to identify new development areas & elements that drive growth.
  • Define and put in place launch strategies.
POC - Proof of Concept 
  • Utilise existing tool sets to demonstrate where they can be optimised to upgrade current business model.
  • If necessary, introduce and implement new tool sets to increase efficiency and company usage.

Workshops for knowledge transfer and technologies

In this digital age, practices are changing fundamentally. New technologies are constantly being developed. Our service will help keep you up to date with the latest technological advances in the market.

This includes:
  • Analysing new practices, by building on customer journeys.
  • Working on new methods within the enterprise and technological input. 


  • 20 hours expert consultancy per month
  • Free 1 day solutions audit and data strategy workshop per year
  • 40 hours of expert consultancy per month
  • Free 2 day solutions audit including data strategy workshop per year
  • 80 hours expert consultancy per month 
  • Quarterly system reviews 
  • Free 5 day Solutions Audit including Data Strategy Road-map per year
  • Free 1 day Art Of The Possible / Technology Comparison Workshop per year

All plans are subject to an annual subscription

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